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Malnutrition Awareness Week (MAW) Campaign Grabs the Spotlight during CFD

From September 18th to 22nd, 2023, the Indonesian Nutrition Association participated in Malnutrition Awareness Week, an initiative aimed at raising awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of malnutrition in patients. Malnutrition Awareness Week is an annual cross-organizational campaign created by the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) to emphasize nutrition as a patient's right and the vital role of nutrition in health and recovery. The Indonesian Nutrition Association (INA), as the official representative organization of ASPEN, conducted outreach activities on Sunday, September 17th, 2023, to reinforce

the importance of nutrition in medical treatment and educate the public about the significance of consulting healthcare professionals regarding their nutritional status.

During this outreach activity, fans containing information about malnutrition were distributed. The fan read, "Patients with malnutrition are 2.2 times more likely to be hospitalized with serious infections." This activity received a positive response from the community. The high enthusiasm led to the outreach starting earlier than scheduled.

In a heartwarming display of community engagement and commitment to promoting awareness about malnutrition, individuals have shown their enthusiasm by participating in Malnutrition Awareness

Week through Indonesian Nutrition Association's (INA) social media campaign.

Malnutrition Awareness Week, held annually from September 18th to 22nd, serves as a vital platform to educate and inform people about the importance of recognizing and addressing malnutrition, a critical health issue that often goes unnoticed. This year, INA took a creative approach to encourage participation and spread the word.

One of the standout features of INA's campaign was the introduction of a custom Instagram frame. This frame not only allowed individuals to showcase their support for Malnutrition Awareness Week but also served as an informative tool.

In a significant milestone for the cause of battling malnutrition, the Malnutrition Awareness Week (MAW) campaign has garnered the attention it truly deserves by making headlines on the Indonesian news channel, Berita Satu TV.

Malnutrition Awareness Week, which takes place annually from September 18th to 22nd, is a vital initiative aimed at increasing awareness about the devastating impact of malnutrition and the urgent need for timely intervention. This year's campaign organized by the Indonesian Nutrition Association (INA) received a boost in visibility when Berita Satu TV decided to shine a spotlight on this crucial health issue.

The coverage on Berita Satu TV featured in-depth reporting on the various activities and efforts undertaken by INA during MAW. It highlighted the importance of recognizing and addressing malnutrition, shedding light on the alarming statistics associated with this often underestimated health concern.


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