Tim Advokasi Kesehatan Lingkungan

Lions Club Jakarta Pusat Centennial TERRA

Dr. dr. Ray Wagiu Basrowi, MKK – Presiden

Ine Noor – Sekretaris

Fay Soekarno – Bendahara

Sirikit Kumaat – Direktur Keanggotaan


Indonesian Nutrition Association bersama dengan Lions Club Jakarta Pusat (LCJP) Centennial Terra dengan didukung oleh Nutricia Indonesia mengadakan Pusat Edukasi TERRA - Nutrisi dan Kesehatan Lingkungan (TERRA Center of Nutrition and Environment Health).

Modul yang disusun ini akan membantu masyarakat dalam


Meningkatkan pengetahuan masyarakat tentang pentingnya Nutrisi dan keterkaitannya dengan Kesehatan Lingkungan untuk kesehatan bangsa

•Memberikan perspektif baru dalam pendekatan edukasi Nutrisi dan Kesehatan Lingkungan dalam masa New Normal

•Memanfaatkan media digital untuk edukasi Nutrisi dan Kesehatan Lingkungan


Modul : 4 Topik
Durasi : 120 Menit
Teknis :
1. Click tombol Mulai
2. Registrasi
3. Pre Test
4. Modul 1 - 4  & Quiz
5. Post Test

4 Modul :

Modul 1

Nutrisi dan Kesehatan dalam Daur Kehidupan Manusia

Modul 2

Pangan, Makanan dan Perilaku Konsumsi

Modul 3

Konsep Dasar Kesehatan Lingkungan

Modul 4

Peran Keberlangsungan Lingkungan dengan Ketahanan Pangan dan Gizi Seimbang


Dr. dr. Luciana Sutanto, MS. SpGK is a clinical nutrition specialist who works as a lecturer at Krida Wacana Christian University and at Mitra Kemayoran Hospital. Dr. Lucy completed her medical education from  Tarumanagara University in 1993.  In 2001 she finished the Master degree in Nutrition, and then followed by Doctoral degree in 2010 from Indonesia University. She is active in several medical organizations, at present she is the president of Indonesian Nutrition Association.

Dr.dr. Diana Sunardi, MGizi, SpGK

Diana Sunardi is a Physician Clinical Nutrition Specialist and Hold a PhD in Clinical Nutrition, She is a lecturer at Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia and a medical staff at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital. Right now, she is the chairman of Indonesian Hydration Working Group (IHWG)

Prof. Dr. dr. Saptawati Bardosono, MSc

Saptawati Bardosono, Ph.D., medical nutritionist Professor, academic staff member in the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia, as a lecturer, researcher and community-service activist related to the promotion of healthy living. Saptawati Bardosono once served as a physician in a clinic in Papua in the early ’80s, and developed an interest in nutrition counselling, because routinely involved in the provision and delivery of locally-harvested nutritious meals to a families there.

Dr. dr. Dian Novita Chandra, MGizi

Dian Novita Chandra is a lecturer in Nutrition Department, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia since 2009. She has completed her Master of Nutrition in 2008 from Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia PhD in Nutrition Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia, in 2019. Currently she is the Head study program Magister in Nutrition and Secretary Study Program PhD on Nutrition.

Dr. dr. Luciana B. Sutanto, MS, SpGK