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A non profit association

dedicated to the science of

Nutrition and it's related


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Indonesian Nutrition Association bersama dengan Lions Club Jakarta Pusat (LCJP) Centennial Terra dengan didukung oleh Nutricia Indonesia mengadakan Pusat Edukasi TERRA - Nutrisi dan Kesehatan Lingkungan (TERRA Center of Nutrition and Environment Health).

Modul yang disusun ini akan membantu masyarakat dalam

  • Meningkatkan pengetahuan masyarakat tentang pentingnya Nutrisi dan keterkaitannya dengan Kesehatan Lingkungan untuk kesehatan bangsa

  • Memberikan perspektif baru dalam pendekatan edukasi Nutrisi dan Kesehatan Lingkungan dalam masa New Normal

  • Memanfaatkan media digital untuk edukasi Nutrisi dan Kesehatan Lingkungan



Welcome to our website

Indonesian Nutrition Association (INA) or Perhimpunan Nutrisi Indonesia in Bahasa, is a non profit association established in 2011. Learn about our mission and vision, daily activities, projects and blogs through this website.

Thank you


President of Indonesian Nutrition Association

News & Updates

We regularly updated our activities and articles related to nutrition. Our journey in attending international conference and to share the experiences can be read in here.

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From workshop to research, our activities will give you more specific details of what we do and what is our mission. We also held a year Nutrition Symposium named Nutri Indonesia.

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