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A non profit association

dedicated to the science of

Nutrition and it's related


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Indonesian Nutrition Association bersama dengan Lions Club Jakarta Pusat (LCJP) Centennial Terra dengan didukung oleh Nutricia Indonesia mengadakan Pusat Edukasi TERRA - Nutrisi dan Kesehatan Lingkungan (TERRA Center of Nutrition and Environment Health).

Modul yang disusun ini akan membantu masyarakat dalam

  • Meningkatkan pengetahuan masyarakat tentang pentingnya Nutrisi dan keterkaitannya dengan Kesehatan Lingkungan untuk kesehatan bangsa

  • Memberikan perspektif baru dalam pendekatan edukasi Nutrisi dan Kesehatan Lingkungan dalam masa New Normal

  • Memanfaatkan media digital untuk edukasi Nutrisi dan Kesehatan Lingkungan



Welcome to our website

Indonesian Nutrition Association (INA) or Perhimpunan Nutrisi Indonesia in Bahasa, is a non profit association established in 2011. Learn about our mission and vision, daily activities, projects and blogs through this website.

Thank you


President of Indonesian Nutrition Association

News & Updates

We regularly updated our activities and articles related to nutrition. Our journey in attending international conference and to share the experiences can be read in here.

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Join INA in our mission to promote health and wellness for all. We offer a wide range of activities, including our annual Nutrition Symposium named Nutri Indonesia. Don't miss out on the latest developments in the world of health and nutrition. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed and up-to-date!

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